prince charles

Earlier education in Spain and USA.

BA Hons fine arts at Ruskin

Anglia University, Cambridge, UK.

Graduate of Leith School of Art in Painting, Edinburgh, UK.

Based in Edinburgh but often travelling,

always thirsting to see the entire globe.

I was born in the North of Spain but

brought to the South immediately,

living in Granada’s coast since I was

a day old.

I’m adopted and without knowledge of

biological family. This influences my

work in my choice of elements,

I work with earths in a need

to ground my energies and emotions.

My practice is an ongoing dialogue

with materials I mainly source from

nature. Responding to their qualities

and colours, I layer, erode, polish and

build up the surface in a process

of creation and destruction that echoes

the (geological) forces shape a

landscape. Each piece takes a very long time.

The resulting works are immediate ,

tactile, weighty objects inspired by the

abstract patterns found in nature.

I’m interested hugely in the vibration

that colours provoke when placing

them beside each other, my work

should be seen at a very close distance

really…but in addition I focus

sometimes in creating an oscillation

between micro and macro scale,

delighting in creating a playful

ambiguity of perspective.

I currently am exploring water

(a very emotional element),

and in particular it’s depths.