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The marriage of Azurita.

Pigments, cement, sand, quartz, marble dust and wax. W160x H130cm



Earths, sand, marble dust and ash. On wood. W80 x H75cm


Light in the West, Scotland.

Marble dust, sand, pigments, wax, cement. On wood. W29 x H42cm.

£1,200.00 –


Craving the rains to the Aberdares

Earths, quartz, pigments, sand, cement and wax. W 67 x H 60cm


Water birth.

Marble dust, pigments, shellac. W48 x H37 x D4cm. Diptych.


 I need you wall.

Pigments, earths, sand and cement. On wood. W40 x H62cm.




Pigments, earths, sand and cement. On wood. W 38 x H 98cm


Charged is the earth and buzzing the air.

Pigments, Swarovski crystals, sand and cement. 37cmW x 27cmH


Living rock.

Sand, pigments, cement, marble dust. On wood. W25 x H20cm


Into the mountain

Earths, quartz, marble dust, pigments, cement and wax. On wood. W55 x H35cm


A thriving coast

Pigments, sand, marble dust, cement and wax on Wood. W 54 x H 60cm



Calm immersion

Pigments, sand, cement and wax. W 40 x H 60 cm


 Jebel Sahro

Sand, pigments, shellac, marble dust. On wood. W110 x H100cm




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