Glen Coe, Scotland.   Pigments , cement,marble dust and quartz. W104cm H83cm



Living rock. Sand, pigments, cement, marble dust. W25cm H20cm


IMG_2641 (2)

North heaven. Earths, marble dust, sand, pigments and wax. W100cm H65cm


Version 4

Profundo II, Sand, Ink, Pigments and wax.  W30cm H40cm. SOLD


Onwards North, Pigments, sand and wax, W40cm H 30 cm. SOLD



Al sur de Marruecos. Quartz, sand , pigments and wax. W60cm H 45cm. SOLD


Valley of La Taha, Pigments, cement, wax and sand. W140cm H 120cm. SOLD


Version 5

Light in the West, Scotland. Marble dust, Pigments, wax, cement. W29cm

Identity, Pigments, sand, quartz, wax and cement. W55, H40



Aloe healing.   Pigments and wax layering. W60cm H65cm. SOLD



Profundo, 26x18'5x1'5

Profundo.  Polished cement and pigments. Waxed. W18cm H25cm. SOLD



I need you wall, 40x60x2

I need you wall. Pigments, earths and cement. W40cm H62cm



Agua con peso, 120x75x2

Agua con peso. Earths, sand, pigments and polished cement. W120cm H74cm



Siempre cerca

Siempre cerca. Pigments, plaster, sand and wax. W34cm


Land of Moors

Tierra Mora. Earths, pigments, marble dust, shellac. W300cm H100cm. SOLD


carmen raya vargas-HD 2016

Detail of Tierra Mora. ( Land of Moors )




ElementosEarths, sand, marble dust and ash. W80cm H75cm



Water birth

Water birth. Marble dust, pigments, shellac. W48cm H37cm



The marriage of Azurita, Pigments, cement, sand, quartz, marble dust and wax. W160 H130


Moorland 2

Moorland II.  Sand, pigments, shellac, marble dust. W35cm H55cm. SOLD


Jebel Sahro

Jebel Sahro. Sand, pigments, shellac, marble dust. W110cm H100cm



PLEASE NOTE in some cases the measurements are estimated, please enquire.

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