Glen Coe, Scotland.   Pigments , cement,marble dust and quartz. W104cm x H83cm



Living rock. Sand, pigments, cement, marble dust. W25cm H20cm 


IMG_2641 (2)

North heaven. Earths, marble dust, sand, pigments and wax. W100cm H65cm



Version 4

Profundo II, Sand, Ink, Pigments and wax.  W30cm H40cm. SOLD


Onwards North, Pigments, sand and wax, W40cm H 30 cm. SOLD


Al sur de Marruecos. Quartz, sand , pigments and wax. W60cm H 45cm. SOLD


Valley of La Taha, Pigments, cement, wax and sand. W140cm H 120cm. SOLD



Light in the West, Scotland. Marble dust, Pigments, wax, cement. W37 x H 45 cm 



Aloe healing.   Pigments and wax layering. W60cm H65cm. SOLD



Profundo, 26x18'5x1'5

Profundo.  Polished cement and pigments. Waxed. W18cm H25cm. SOLD




88941B8B-D7A3-4BCA-972A-82F4471B8C8DI need you wall. Pigments, earths, sand, marble dust and cement. W40cm x H62cm



Agua con peso, 120x75x2
In loch Duich
. Earths, sand, pigments and polished cement. W120cm H74cm



Siempre cerca

Siempre cerca. Pigments, plaster, sand and wax. W34cm


Land of Moors

Tierra Mora. Earths, pigments, marble dust, shellac. W300cm x H100cm. SOLD


carmen raya vargas-HD 2016

Detail of Tierra Mora. ( Land of Moors )




ElementosEarths, sand, marble dust and ash. W80cm x H75cm



Water birth

Water birth. Marble dust, pigments, shellac. W48cm x H37cm



The marriage of Azurita. Pigments, cement, sand, quartz, marble dust and wax. W160 x H130 cm


Moorland 2

Moorland II.  Sand, pigments, shellac, marble dust. W35cm x H55cm. SOLD


Jebel Sahro

Jebel Sahro. Sand, pigments, shellac, marble dust. W110cm x H100cm



PLEASE NOTE in some cases the measurements are estimated, please enquire.

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