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Moorland, Pigments, earths, sand and cement. On wood. W 38 x H 98cm. 


“Loch enchanted, Pigments, sand, cement and wax. W 48 x H 32cm. 


Gathering cheerfully, Earths, quartz, pigments, sand, cement and wax. On wood. W40 x H 28 cm. 


Aguas cálidas en el Norte”, marble dust, pigments, polished cement, sand and wax. 38 W x 28 W. 


Drowning island, pigments, cement, sand, earth and wax on wood. 30 W x 34 H. 


Profundo II, Sand, Ink, Pigments and wax.  W30cm H40cm. 


Onwards North, Pigments, sand and wax, W40cm H 30 cm. 


Al sur de Marruecos. Quartz, sand , pigments and wax. W60cm H 45cm. 


Valley of La Taha, Pigments, cement, wax and sand. W140cm H 120cm. 


Aloe healing.   Pigments and wax layering. W60cm x H70 cm. 


Tierra Mora. Earths, pigments, marble dust, shellac. W300cm x H100cm. 


Detail of Tierra Mora. ( Land of Moors )


Moorland II.  Sand, pigments, shellac, marble dust. W35cm x H55cm. 


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