Ocean Rising

Earths, pigments, sand, cement and wax. On wood.


Ancestor’s Land

Earths, pigments, sand and cement. On wood.


Flowing to an Ochre Sea

Earths, marble dust, sand, pigments and wax. On wood.


I Am a Vessel of Memories

Pigments, marble dust, cement, earth, sand, gum arabic and wax. On wooden panels covered in canvas.
W210 x H 144x D 7 cm. Diptych



Pigments, cement, sand, earth and wax on wood.
45W x 35 H. 

A Memory of Ice

Marble dust, Swarovski crystals, pigments, sand, cement and wax. On wood.
W 45x H 35 cm


Glacial Scene

Earths, sand, pigments, polished cement and wax. On wood.
W 120 x H 74cm


Aguas cálidas en el Sur

W90cm x H45cm


Of Land and Water I Thrive

Pigments, marble dust, earths, sand, wax and cement. On wood. 
W 76 x H 56 cm.

£800.00 and framed £900

Of Roots and Paths

Earths, pigments and gum arabic on paper W37 x H 40cm



A Path Carved with Light

Earths, pigments, sand, and wax. On paper.

W 40 x H 30 cm

£350 framed

I Feel Magic in this Weather

Pigments, earths and gum Arabic. On paper.
W53 x H 38 cm

£450 framed